Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just call me Lucille Ball

As I write this, I am deeply saddened that I am no longer surrounded by TV’s finest. Recounting my experiences will have to do for now!
Let’s start with Saturday, June 1st, my first shift at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. I ended being the last volunteer to be assigned a specific job (luck), and I soon realized that things could not have worked out better!! I was paired with Maggie, a sweet girl from Warner Brothers serving as Industry Coordinator. Little did I know she was in charge of keeping the talent in line... and I was her personal assistant for the day!
As the ‘Life Unexpected’ screening and Q&A was taking place, all I could think of was ARIELLE. That is, Arielle Kebbel, or Lexie on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (and 90210, and Vampires Suck, and John Tucker Must Die, and Gilmore Girls... the list goes on!). I mean, this girl has laid down next to Ian Somerholder.


After I “fangirled” my way into a picture with her, I ushered her and the rest of the LUX cast into the lobby where they ran into Julie Plec (#1 celeb encounter I was looking forward to), arriving for her TVD screening and panel. Arielle said she just needed “some place to get caffeine and food,” fresh off her flight from BALI, if you couldn’t tell from her perfect tan! I followed (all the while internally fangirling) them a bit down the street to their lunch spot, Maudie’s Tex Mex. I got them seated, told them to enjoy their lunch, and.... the unthinkable happened. I have dreamed about this moment many, many times, but never did I imagine it would ever actually happen! JULIE PLEC INVITED ME TO EAT WITH THEM. Specifically she said, “You aren’t staying for lunch?” with the obvious inflection that I would be sitting down to dine with them. Never before have I been so completely FREAKING OUT on the inside and fighting hard to stay calm, cool, and collected on the outside. I very politely declined and made my way back to the theater (miraculously remembering how to walk with my brain completely distracted).
Walking the TVD crew to lunch!!!

Chatting with Julie!
Jose Molina
Not much could top the ‘lunch incident,’ so I will sum up my favorite moments from the rest of the weekend!
  • Being so busy having a great conversation with Julie Plec that you miss the opportunity to talk to Judy Greer (Tom Tom in 13 Going on 30!!!)... and it’s completely okay. Then brushing past Judy while leading Julie Plec to her panel! I mean really.
  • Watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries.. WITH the writer and executive producer of The Vampire Diaries (and star of the episode, Arielle). Unreal.
  • Chatting up Jose Molina, newest writer of TVD, and getting the scoop on what it’s like in the writing room.
  • Attending a 50s-themed sock hop and fashion show at The Swan Dive for Rebels With a Cause!
  • Spending Sunday working at Stephen F. Austin Hotel for the brunch and panels. I was posted at the top of the stairs welcoming and directing people (and let’s be honest, celebs) to their event
  • Saw another celeb I really really really wanted to see, Scott Porter!!!! This guy’s been in a bunch of stuff, from Hart of Dixie (I’m quite the fan!), Friday Night Lights, Music and Lyrics, Dear John, and MORE! Crazy to imagine, but he was just sitting down by himself. When I approached him, sweet man introduced himself to me and we proceeded to have a great conversation about Hart and how it’s a “sweet” and “wholesome” show! He seems to have good morals and chooses his projects accordingly!!
  • Crossing paths with celebs in the bathroom! Proving you’ve always got to be on your toes!
  • STAR GAZING all the time... they were everywhere!!!! Scott, Matt, Jason Ritter, Jason Katims, Mae Whitman, Teddy Geiger, etc, etc.
  • Actors roundtable (with Arielle, Scott, and Matt) was so incredibly fun to sit in on!
  • Scott Porter can beatbox.. Really well.
  • Further conversing with Scott and Matt post-roundtable. Mmmmm :)
  • Multiple Whole Foods outings. A big reason why I love Austin

Scott Porter!!!

Matt Lauria!!

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