Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Lying Game

Any fans of 'The Lying Game'? We recently got hired as extras to play partygoers at a pool party scene they shot overnight for episode two of TLG! Our call time was 5 pm and we arrived early at 4:15. There was a lot of waiting, but with catering close by, we were well taken care of! We met some really great people that helped pass the time!! Around 10:00 pm the extras were called to set. They assigned us "roles" and sent us to various parts of the pool room. We ran through rehearsals a few times before the actors came out, where we did more run-throughs. Then the cameras started rolling, take after take after take!!! They would cue the music then it would fade to nothing and we had to continue dancing and pretend talking.. harder than you would think! Around midnight we broke for "lunch" where we enjoyed some really yummy food! Props to catering. After eating we went back to shoot another scene.. and another! Production surprised Alexandra Chando and Blair Redford with cakes for their birthday (which they cut up for everyone after.. yay!). Anyone know if these two are dating off-screen? We noticed some chemistry. A few coffee and snack breaks later, our job was finished at 4:15 am. Here's a few shots we got throughout the evening!

outside of the pool room, on set
first stop: wardrobe!
whisked off to makeup!
craft services!
In line for "lunch" (at midnight) with Blair Redford
DELICIOUS! super fancy choices!
Andy Buckley (from The Office!)
Alice Greczyn & Christian Alexander

Be on the lookout in January for this episode... it's going to be a good one. There's arguing/grabbing/storming off between some main characters... tension!!! We had a blast and we can't wait to go back on Monday to shoot another scene!! Check back later for details of Monday's shoot!

partying all night... sleepy faces!

- Dots & Stripes

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pretty in Pastel

Pastels aren't just for Easter! We put our own spin on two summer-themed pastel looks!

Dressing up black & white with trendy mint!

Trying out the dress + shirt idea!
Excuse us while we enjoy this last month of summer! :)

- Dots & Stripes

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer staples

Summer is officially in full swing here in Texas (and has been for a while!) and we find ourselves returning to the same trusty pieces time and time again.

Dots relies on brightly colored shorts and a breezy top to stay cool and trendy during the hot summer days!

Stripes turns to her denim jacket that goes with everything! Maxi dresses are seriously the greatest thing. Insanely comfortable and easy to throw on. A bold pattern doesn't help either!

Happy summer!

- Dots & Stripes

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Allstar Weekend: Summer of Love

Last night we went to the Allstar Weekend concert (their Summer of Love tour opener!!!!) and it was AMAZING. As mentioned previously, we saw them for the first time back in February and were fast fans.

We made a pact to get there early to try for front row spots!!! Obama's appearance in town attempted to throw a kink in our plans, but we made it through traffic with plenty of time! Fortunately, we were second in line and quickly made friends with those around us (Allstar Weekend fans are the best!).

The After Party, Hollywood Ending, Rocky Loves Emily, and Namesake opened and did a great job! We especially loved The After Party and Hollywood Ending's acoustic set! So intimate. Love.

The After Party

Ryan Reynolds' look-a-like -- The After Party
Hollywood Ending
Hollywood Ending

Finally came time for Allstar Weekend! They came out and played an awesome show!!!! Their set list was the perfect combination of old favorites and new hits. Cameron's smoldering stares and Zach's dance moves were in top form. They also sang their two newest rap songs. Prepare to be wowed.

spoiler alert! set list!
Cat city trick, cat cat city trick

The song 'Bend or Break' came on. Zach singled Stripes out. He leaned over the first two rows, grabbed her hand and sang one inch from her. Dots confirmed that he glanced her way several other times during the show!

Mad props to Dots for snapping this pic over Stripes' shoulder... Eye contact!!

Post-show, you are treated to a VIP experience (sans VIP tickets). All of the bands mingled around in the room next to the stage, talking openly and taking pictures willingly!

He likes sequins, ladies ;)
Chatting with one of our favorite Brits!

But we were on the lookout for ASW, hoping they would make an appearance. Dots spotted Cameron on the other side of the merch booth and next thing we knew, we turned around and he was standing right behind us! We snapped pics with him.. only after Dots dropped items in her purse that Cameron quickly picked up for her. Melt. A little while later, Zach Porter himself came out! He was on vocal rest, so his smile did all the talking. We took pictures with him and that was an experience itself. Stripes went to stand by him and he pulled her in close, pressing his cheek to hers! Looks like those stolen glances weren't completely fabricated! Score. Anybody happen to have his number? ;)

Allstar Weekend fans... be prepared. This concert will rock your socks off!!! Are any of you seeing them tonight in Houston or another stop along their tour? We would love to hear about it and see pictures! Tweet us! :)

Have a blast!!!

- Stripes & Dots

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flashback: Allstar Weekend

Back at the beginning of February we attended the Allstar Weekend concert in San Antonio on whim. Stripes only knew of their song 'Come Down With Love' and Dots knew 'Hey Princess.' But we're always up for an adventure especially if it's a concert! The adventure began when we got lost in downtown SA and were running late. We arrived at the venue, The White Rabbit, and sat in the car as we got our stuff together. We simultaneously spotted a cute boy walking down the sidewalk of a sketchy neighborhood carrying a James Dean book. We got out of the car and were a few steps behind him when Dots, fellow James Dean fan, struck up conversation about the book he was holding. We told him we were headed to the concert and asked if he was too. The look on his face as he confirmed that he was, in fact, going, gave it all away: we were talking to a member of the band. Dots and Stripes exchanged glances and knew that we had bumped into a member of Allstar Weekend. Worst part? We didn't know who he was. Sweet boy introduced himself as Cameron and shook each of our hands and asked for our names (suddenly we couldn't remember them). With shaky hands we asked for pictures, to which he happily obliged. When Stripes sidled up for a picture with him, he warned us to "watch out for the barking dogs" (behind us). One awkward nervous giggle later (which Cameron loved), Dots got her picture with him. Her purse fell off her shoulder and he asked if she was okay. Melt. We wrapped up our conversation and he parted with "see you at the show." Oh yes, we will...

So our concert-going was already off to a great start. Before You Exit, The After Party, and Hollywood Ending opened and were great! Allstar Weekend came out and we were immediate fans!!! We swear Cameron even smiled and threw a head nod in our direction. By the time the concert ended, we were counting our days for the next time we could see them! Immediately following the concert, the warm-up bands hung out around the venue and took pictures and chatted with fans. We had a great time chatting with Hollywood Ending members!

Fast forward to this summer when they announced their Summer of Love tour. Texas dates were added last (good things come to those who wait) and we were THRILLED to see Austin on the list! That concert is tonight and we are jumping out of skin!!! We have our bags packed and our ASW playlist loaded! If you're going, we hope to see you there at Stubbs, ATX!

- Dots & Stripes

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dots!

I love birthdays!!! And I recently had the privilege of celebrating Dots' b-day! I wanted to whisk her away to her dream location... so we went to Paris with a few of our friends (Justin Bieber, Josh Hutcherson, Robert Pattinson, Joe Jonas, etc.) for a girls night/movie night!

We made friendship bracelets, painted our nails, ate fondue and watched Monte Carlo, Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

I hope your birthday was extra special, because you are special to me!!! Happy birthday, sweet friend! I am looking forward to seeing what this next year has in store! :)


Friday, July 13, 2012

Fave Five

#1 - american eagle - as Stacy and Clinton say, "denim goes with everything!"
#2 - madewell - stripes... I just had to, of course!
#3 - forever 21 - I wear these all the time.
#4 - anthropologie - I have been eyeballing this beauty for quite some time (seen recently on T. Swift!!!)
#5 - orvis - so flattering and so pretty! if I had a dime for every day I wore a skirt...

Here's a look into my summer favorites!

- Stripes

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth of July Flare

With the Fourth of the July tomorrow, we thought we share some patriotic pride with this flag inspired manicure. This fun nail tutorial  can be found at The Beauty Department, a lovely blog by the gorgeous Lauren Conrad. This blog is perfect for hair & nail tutorials, definitely worth checking out. Will you be supporting this festive manicure this fourth? Or try a fireworks design? Or even a simple red, white and blue? 

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Dots & Stripes