Friday, June 22, 2012

Dots' Five

It's officially Summer, are you ready for the new season to begin? In Texas, it is practically summer all year long. With temperatures like 114 degrees during the day, keeping cool is a priority. Shorts and light accessories are go to summer buys. Above I have selected what I believe are this Summer's must haves. I hope to fill my closet with all these items very soon. All of these can be found at Lulu's. What are your Summer Must Haves?


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fashion travels to: New England

Good morning! In the spirit of summer and the travels that ensue, we thought it would be fun to showcase the fashions seen in our destinations. It's one thing I love to do when I travel away from home. It gives me a taste of the culture and lifestyle for the state/city/country I'm in!

Cape Cod was nearly exactly as I pictured: people milling about quaint seaside towns donning chic resort wear a la Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Talbots, etc. I had fun dressing the part here! It was still chilly when my parents and I went in May, so I was quick to layer up and grab a jacket (and a Dunkin Donuts coffee!)

Exploring the tip at Provincetown and trying not to FREEZE! (stripes are hiding under my jacket!)

sweater over a plaid button up and boyfriend jeans.. fitting right in!

In Boston I saw lots of easy, warm pieces (Harvard sweatshirts, anyone?) and classic business attire. Seeing as how I was on vacation, I opted for middle ground. I wore lots of layers and comfy shoes for TONS of walking and sightseeing!

Layered up at the most photographed street in Boston
Last stop on the vacation was a trip up the coast to Newburyport, which was a lovely town. The weather was warm(er) and the people relaxed. It was delightful.

A stop in Salem to see the sights I read about waaay back in 7th grade!

Bundled up in my newly thrifted vintage coral trench ($5!) for a successful (windy/freezing) day of whale watching!

Lighthouse love at Portland Head Light

My favorite navy lace Anthro dress for a Mother's Day full of mexican food and exploring!
If you haven't been up to the New England area, I highly recommend it!!! The thrifting is golden. If that isn't reason enough, the to-die-for seafood, friendly locals, and adorable towns should be. Don't think that it is just a 'Fall Foliage' destination... I couldn't imagine missing out on the quiet and cool days May had to offer, not to mention the palpable excitement of the busy summer months to come.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding bells

In honor of Matthew McConaughey's nuptials to Camila Alves this past weekend in nearby Austin, Texas, here are a few dresses perfect for a summertime wedding (and what I would have worn, had I been invited ;))... with a little help from guests at his wedding, wearing casual dresses in fun colors and flattering cuts.

Can you spot Reese Witherspoon? She was amongst the guests at the wedding! 

I love the quirky & adorable dresses at ModCloth! For me, they sit at a nice price point. And I love to wear a dress that can be worn many more times (Cost Per Wear, as Stacy and Clinton coined) with the ability to dress it up/down in the future. Of course, it must be incredibly flattering and comfortable (for dancing and eating). This would be my first stop on the quest to find the perfect dress as a wedding guest. Here's a few of my favorites.. and all for under $50!

All you need is a great pair of nude wedges and a simple, long chain necklace.

Have fun shopping and enjoy the wedding! Have a piece of cake for me!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sitting With Stars

Starting the day at an early 7:30, seemed like a stretch especially when it consists of interacting with television stars. I wasn't sure if I would be functioning normal to handle suppressing my inner-fangirl. Yet at my station at the Inter-Continental Hotel, went smoothly as the sight of stars woke me up. After working a few panels and chatting with other volunteers, my day was off to a good start.

The Friday Night Lights panel was on everyone's mind. Fans began forming a line early hoping to snatch the best seat to see the cast. While I helped place attendees in their lines, I encountered FNL cast members without knowing. Scott Porter and Matt Lauria sat down chatting away as fans in line snapped photos and squealed. I was clueless about the FNL cast, since I had never seen the show. After a hilarious panel I met up with the cast to talk with them, thanking them for coming. Swiftly I snapped a few photos with them, knowing I would later end up watching the show.

After FNL, I helped put more attendees in line and then headed to the "Book to Film" panel. Knowing Julie Plec (creator & executive producer) was going to be speaking, I hopped in the room and listened to her scoop on "The Vampire Diaries." When that finished I helped with few more tasks and I was free to go. Thirsty, I headed outside looking for the nearest smoothie shop. When I walked out the front door I saw the ever so tall, Neil Flynn ("The janitor" from Scrubs). I had to grab a photo since I loved him in Scrubs and watch "The Middle," every Wednesday. 

        Scott Porter (Jordan Street) [FNL].                                                   Micheal B Jordan.  (Vince Howard) [FNL]
Gaius Charles (Brian 'Smash' Williams) [FNL]                                           Neil Flynn (The Janitor) [Scrubs]

After a refreshing smoothie & a nice walk around downtown Austin, I arrived at the hotel to wait for Stripes to get off her shift. As I make my way from the bathroom of the hotel, I come across Julie Plec. I walk right up to her and quickly telling her my thoughts of the wonderful season finale. Thanking her for her marvelous job on the show and characters I let her on her way to the restroom. I then sit in the lobby waiting for time to pass. Five minutes later, a man sits down next to me on the couch, with papers in hand. I smile and continue to fiddle with my phone. Glancing at the man, I realize I had seen him before. We exchange another smile. After a few minutes of racking my brain and a little help from IMDB I realize it's Jason Ritter. Thirty minutes pass and we still sit in silence. We both just sit on the couch, doing our own thing. I leave him with another smile and he grins goodbye. 

Dolled up in our nifty 50's attire we headed downtown to attend a sock-hop and fashion show that night. We sat and chatted about our day listening to the records play and the dancers surrounding us. It was a nice break off our feet and a wonderful experience. The models and clothes were gorgeous. We even met with the designer before the show. 

The next day consisted of same duties. This time I also got to be the counter at the door and open the door as the panels began. It was a small task but I did open the door to Mae Whitman, Jason Katims (creator of Parenthood), Jason Ritter, Matt Lauria, and Shiri Appleby. I had been within two feet at all times when Jason Ritter was around. He seemed to always be where I was working. We exchanged smiles a few times and before I left he gave me a giant grin and head nod. (Sadly, I never got a photo with him, just smiles). Lastly, I sat in at the Actors Roundtable with Stripes. Laughing along with the actors and hearing their insane stories was one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

Matt Lauria & I.

Arielle Kebbel & I.
We ended our weekend with another trip to Whole Foods, which I wish every day that we had one in our little town. The Austin TV Festival was a wonderful experience and I am extremely glad I got to spend it with my dear friend. The first year was definitely a success. I can't wait to see the line up next year and volunteer. 


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just call me Lucille Ball

As I write this, I am deeply saddened that I am no longer surrounded by TV’s finest. Recounting my experiences will have to do for now!
Let’s start with Saturday, June 1st, my first shift at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. I ended being the last volunteer to be assigned a specific job (luck), and I soon realized that things could not have worked out better!! I was paired with Maggie, a sweet girl from Warner Brothers serving as Industry Coordinator. Little did I know she was in charge of keeping the talent in line... and I was her personal assistant for the day!
As the ‘Life Unexpected’ screening and Q&A was taking place, all I could think of was ARIELLE. That is, Arielle Kebbel, or Lexie on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (and 90210, and Vampires Suck, and John Tucker Must Die, and Gilmore Girls... the list goes on!). I mean, this girl has laid down next to Ian Somerholder.


After I “fangirled” my way into a picture with her, I ushered her and the rest of the LUX cast into the lobby where they ran into Julie Plec (#1 celeb encounter I was looking forward to), arriving for her TVD screening and panel. Arielle said she just needed “some place to get caffeine and food,” fresh off her flight from BALI, if you couldn’t tell from her perfect tan! I followed (all the while internally fangirling) them a bit down the street to their lunch spot, Maudie’s Tex Mex. I got them seated, told them to enjoy their lunch, and.... the unthinkable happened. I have dreamed about this moment many, many times, but never did I imagine it would ever actually happen! JULIE PLEC INVITED ME TO EAT WITH THEM. Specifically she said, “You aren’t staying for lunch?” with the obvious inflection that I would be sitting down to dine with them. Never before have I been so completely FREAKING OUT on the inside and fighting hard to stay calm, cool, and collected on the outside. I very politely declined and made my way back to the theater (miraculously remembering how to walk with my brain completely distracted).
Walking the TVD crew to lunch!!!

Chatting with Julie!
Jose Molina
Not much could top the ‘lunch incident,’ so I will sum up my favorite moments from the rest of the weekend!
  • Being so busy having a great conversation with Julie Plec that you miss the opportunity to talk to Judy Greer (Tom Tom in 13 Going on 30!!!)... and it’s completely okay. Then brushing past Judy while leading Julie Plec to her panel! I mean really.
  • Watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries.. WITH the writer and executive producer of The Vampire Diaries (and star of the episode, Arielle). Unreal.
  • Chatting up Jose Molina, newest writer of TVD, and getting the scoop on what it’s like in the writing room.
  • Attending a 50s-themed sock hop and fashion show at The Swan Dive for Rebels With a Cause!
  • Spending Sunday working at Stephen F. Austin Hotel for the brunch and panels. I was posted at the top of the stairs welcoming and directing people (and let’s be honest, celebs) to their event
  • Saw another celeb I really really really wanted to see, Scott Porter!!!! This guy’s been in a bunch of stuff, from Hart of Dixie (I’m quite the fan!), Friday Night Lights, Music and Lyrics, Dear John, and MORE! Crazy to imagine, but he was just sitting down by himself. When I approached him, sweet man introduced himself to me and we proceeded to have a great conversation about Hart and how it’s a “sweet” and “wholesome” show! He seems to have good morals and chooses his projects accordingly!!
  • Crossing paths with celebs in the bathroom! Proving you’ve always got to be on your toes!
  • STAR GAZING all the time... they were everywhere!!!! Scott, Matt, Jason Ritter, Jason Katims, Mae Whitman, Teddy Geiger, etc, etc.
  • Actors roundtable (with Arielle, Scott, and Matt) was so incredibly fun to sit in on!
  • Scott Porter can beatbox.. Really well.
  • Further conversing with Scott and Matt post-roundtable. Mmmmm :)
  • Multiple Whole Foods outings. A big reason why I love Austin

Scott Porter!!!

Matt Lauria!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ATX TV Festival Weekend Update

This weekend we spent our time as volunteers for the first annual ATX TV Festival!

Stripes sat in on 'The Vampire Diaries' screening and Q&A after and got some scoop on further episodes! For all you Caroline and Matt fans, writer and executive producer Julie Plec said the couple may have something in the future. She also said that everyone's favorite vampire bad boy, Damon, "is an ongoing evolution of a character." Sounds like we have lots to look forward to in the development of Damon! She went on to talk about the importance of Stefan and Caroline's friendship and that we will "be seeing more of them this season." The question on the audience's mind was how the last scene of the finale will effect this coming season. Julie hinted that while Stefan will soon find out Elena chose him, Damon will also need to be her "rock and support" as he balances Stefan's personality. When asked if we will meet Bonnie's father, Julie confirmed that we will. Unfortunately, she could not tell us if Klaus will be in the season premiere, but did say that "everyone loves some Klaus." We hope to see more of him!!! She did discuss the future of TVD in saying that the next few years/seasons will consist of getting them through senior year and college, that is, "if they'll even go to college." If you aren't a TVD fan, I suggest you become one... and quickly! New writer on the team, Jose Molina, said upon looking at the board of upcoming events, that "there are so many moments people are going to freak, especially after event one, two, and three." What are these events????!! We have to watch and find out! Later that day at the Book to TV panel, Julie Plec discussed the common comparison to Twilight. She wanted to show to feel unique, making sure to put their own spin on it, which basically meant "we're going to do whatever we want!"

Be sure to watch Season Four starting Thursdays this September on CW! If you forgot what happened in the finale, watch the clip below!

'The Vampire Diaries' Q&A with Julie Plec, Arielle Kebbel, and Jose Molina
Saturday night we put on our best 50s attire to attend Rebels With a Cause, a 50s-themed sock hop and fashion show hosted by designer Eric Renteria. Swing music blared on the record player, creating an upbeat atmosphere at The Swan Dive in downtown Austin. The models looked gorgeous and the clothes were fantastic! Dancing followed, rounding out a perfect day!

Pompadours, bright lips, full skirts - fifties fun!

Final runway walk
As Sunday rolled around, we were dead tired, but thrilled with the thought of another day spent amongst some of TV's hottest celebrities. We had many celeb encounters throughout the day, all working up to the Actors Roundtable with Shiri Appleby, Scott Porter, Arielle Kebbel, and Matt Lauria.

The panel was first asked why they got into acting.
Scott: He used to be a professional beatboxer (to which is proceeded to beatbox!!!) in a band called Toxic Audio, which Arielle Kebbel admitted jamming to.
Arielle: "I fell into acting." Scott jabbed, "Oh, like you just fell off the stage?" Always quick with a witty response or joke, Scott was poking fun at Arielle, who had FALLEN off the stage moments before the panel began, chalking it up to her post-Bali jet lag. 
Matt: This Irish boy came into acting when he was forced to audition for a part in his school's play, Alice in Wonderland! Playing the part of the March Hare, he started dancing during Alice's song, catching the attention of the audience. The "upstaging" continued, escalating night after night. The audience's laughs and joy he felt only confirmed that acting was the right path.

Next, the actors were asked to recount audition horror stories.
Scott: He told us about his audition for a voiceover part playing a Disney prince, a role he had always dreamed of having. He believed he had nailed his audition, except for the fact that he told them his accent sucked. Later he found out he had completely missed the byline requiring that the auditioner have a British accent!
Arielle: She had to do 30 minutes of improv for her 'Dictator' audition, which ended with head banging. In the process, she tweaked her neck and had to shuffle out of the room!
Matt: He entertained us with a story about an audition for a "100% gay, punk rock" character. Always doing thorough research and preparation for his roles, he arrived to the audition donning a ridiculous outfit. Unbeknownst to him, they had taken out "100% gay" descriptor. The best part? Scott chuckling the entire time.

Both Matt and Scott mentioned what a "blessing" their experiences have been for them. It was so refreshing hearing them talk about their faith! It didn't help that they were also HILARIOUS. We could have heard them tell stories all day, but their time was up. After the panel, however, we got to chat and snap photos with them, making for the perfect ending to a fantastic weekend!

Be sure to check back TOMORROW for our individual accounts of the weekend!!!! Stripes covered screenings (and escorting!) and Dots covered panels!! See you then!

-Dots and Stripes