Wednesday, May 30, 2012

X FACTOR: A Global Phenomenon

We'd like to introduce you to the X Factor's newest fans... as of Friday. Being behind-the-scenes completely transforms you. We were lucky enough to get audience tickets and good seats! As we waited in line outside, we got a behind-the-scenes look at some of the contestants' back stories, including Panda and Jake. We took our seats around 1:30, where they slowly began the pre-show process. We even had time for a quick jaunt down to the judge's chairs for pictures (fame at our fingertips!). At 3:00, we finally laid eyes on the judges and were allowed to take pictures to our heart's content!!! SHOW TIME.

The long line (and our great view)!

What also transforms a young girl? Seeing Britney Spears in person. Life changing. Maybe she was a little high maintenance (B, where did you go during your endless breaks?!), but really, seeing this SUPERSTAR was like a flashback to our younger selves, belting out 'Baby One More Time' into our headset microphones. It was a nice surprise seeing Britney's main squeeze, Jason Trawick, from whom we received a personal wave (thanks to Michael!*).

Being the huge Simon Cowell/American idol fan that I, Stripes, am, melted into a screaming fit when he walked into my line of sight rocking a sexy white t-shirt. Please. Dots loves him for his creation of One Direction, and for that she will be forever indebted to him. Everything that comes out of his mouth is honest and hilarious. What's not to love? It's about 1,000x more fun watching him judge in person than I ever thought possible.

Demi, girl. WE LOVE YOU! Hearing your adorable laugh in person was the highlight of our day! Surprisingly, she was a little harsh in her judging comments. She stayed on set during a few of the breaks and interacted with her fellow judges and audience members. Simon even stole a few snacks from a container she brought out (almonds??) and they commenced a food fight. Adorable. This further deepened our love for the two of them.

Contestants to look out for: Panda (Yep, her real name is Panda. Be sure and watch for that crazy story), Jake, and Before You Exit.

*For more information on our beloved Britney, check out our newest friend and his fan club site,!

All in all, wonderful day! We will be sure to tune in to X Factor starting in September (and you should, too!)!!!

-Dots & Stripes