Friday, August 31, 2012

Orangutan: Making of a Music Video

Talk about a fun summer activity! We spent a week brainstorming, preparing, shooting, and editing a parody of Allstar Weekend's music video for "Orangutan." It was an absolute blast!!! Our shooting location proved to be embarrassing... and hilarious. Try rapping/dancing with an endless flow of cars, bicyclists, runners, swimmers, families, etc. who all stare. We had quite the audience! Shooting in skinny jeans and jackets also proved to be a challenge in the Texas heat! We even had to lie on the hot hot pavement to get the "perfect shot!" Overall, we are thrilled with end product! It greatly exceeded our (very low) expectations.
Basically the girl version of Zach Porter
Channeling Cameron Quiseng's style, which is the same as Dots' 

For the video, we took inspiration from a few of their videos, including "Not Your Birthday" and "Verses" episodes.

Above is Allstar Weekend's "Orangutan," the catalyst for our idea. Our video is live on YouTube and we posted it here for you to check out! We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it! :)

We still have our fingers crossed that the boys will see it!

- Dots & Stripes

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday's Haul

It's back-to-school season and that has been consuming much of our free time... buuuut, we're happy to be back with treasures from our fun Saturday outings!

Stripes spent her morning at the city-wide garage sale and Dots went to the Forever 21 grand opening at La Cantera! We met up for lunch to swap stories and ended up going on an impromptu trip to a small town where we antiqued and got lost for hours at the cutest shop. It was there we discovered the most fabulous closet filled with vintage fur coats and wedding dresses that we appropriately dubbed 'Narnia.'

Here are our finds from our respective morning adventures... and our antique store treasures! Can you match the clothes to the girl? Pretty obvious :)

- Dots & Stripes

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cute Coincidence

We have been having ourselves a good time this past week! We met for an early dinner and when we saw each other we were both wearing nearly identical stripes!!! As if that weren't perfect enough, we met for frozen yogurt and were both wearing polka dot shorts. I guess we've been hanging out so much we've started unintentionally coordinating our clothing. ;)

We spent the day at Schlitterbaun with Stripes' family and had a blast!!! Ladies, any of you have a rating system for boys? Well, we played Paintings or Puppies: painting if there was a "hot" guy, puppy if the guy was "cute." Besides that, we avoided the water as much as possible, jammed to One Direction and enjoyed the sunshine!

We have quite the project in the works... here's a sneak peak! 

Happy Wednesday!

-Dots & Stripes

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Lying Game, Take 2

While on set day one, we received emails asking us to return Monday for more shooting. We were game!!! We shot hallway scenes inside the Arroyo High School set. This happened to be one of our favorite shooting days! We even had an outfit change (dots and stripes for #2)! There was lots of yummy catering, pantomimed conversations and locker leaning. New addition to the show Ryan Rottman is definitely the sweetest on set! We were having a conversation about phones in school and he turned around and joined in, saying that he didn't have texting when he was in high school, saying he was "too old." Alexandra Chando was pretty sweet, too. She complimented an extra's braid, telling her, "it looks like something you would see on Pinterest!" Scroll through for some iPhone pics of our day on the set of The Lying Game!



Again, we were asked to come back the next day to shoot 'same-day scenes,' however this time they were filmed at a local middle school, posing as Arroyo HS. It was hot hot and we shot in the parking lot. While on breaks, we sat in the school's library and cheered on Team USA as we watched the Olympics. Such a fun day with our favorite extras! We treated ourselves to Starbucks and Jamba Juice after our long day of work and it was a sweet ending to an exciting day. Here's a few of our favorite moments from our last day of shooting...


Be sure to tune in to the new season... it's going to be good!

- Dots & Stripes

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The First of August

It's August already!!! That leaves us with only a few weeks of summer. Bittersweet. It's been a great few months and we are hoping to make the last couple of weeks just as fantastic!

We cannot get enough Allstar Weekend. I'm not sure we could tell you what songs are playing on the radio right now, what with our ASW playlist on repeat. Their new EP, The American Dream, is SO good!!! Please take a listen if you haven't already done so, and if you have, you might as well listen again... and again and again! :)

Maggie from @Mag_Allstar shared her story with us from their Agoura Hills, CA show. He read her sign during soundcheck and went to follow her on twitter, but the band already followed her... whaaaaat?! SWEET. She even directed Cameron to the nearest grocery store! Sounds like you had an awesome time at the concert!!!
Maggie's photobooth moment with ASW!
In other Allstar Weekend news, we are working on a special project we are hoping to have finished before the end of summer. We're crazy excited about it and can't wait to show y'all (and the boys)!!! Maybe you can help us get the word out when the time comes? :)

We will leave you with these images of Z&C donning our namesake! Each of our favorite boys is wearing our favorite pattern! Perfect.
Zach in stripes!!!
Cam in polka dots!!!

- Dots & Stripes