Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ATX TV Festival Weekend Update

This weekend we spent our time as volunteers for the first annual ATX TV Festival!

Stripes sat in on 'The Vampire Diaries' screening and Q&A after and got some scoop on further episodes! For all you Caroline and Matt fans, writer and executive producer Julie Plec said the couple may have something in the future. She also said that everyone's favorite vampire bad boy, Damon, "is an ongoing evolution of a character." Sounds like we have lots to look forward to in the development of Damon! She went on to talk about the importance of Stefan and Caroline's friendship and that we will "be seeing more of them this season." The question on the audience's mind was how the last scene of the finale will effect this coming season. Julie hinted that while Stefan will soon find out Elena chose him, Damon will also need to be her "rock and support" as he balances Stefan's personality. When asked if we will meet Bonnie's father, Julie confirmed that we will. Unfortunately, she could not tell us if Klaus will be in the season premiere, but did say that "everyone loves some Klaus." We hope to see more of him!!! She did discuss the future of TVD in saying that the next few years/seasons will consist of getting them through senior year and college, that is, "if they'll even go to college." If you aren't a TVD fan, I suggest you become one... and quickly! New writer on the team, Jose Molina, said upon looking at the board of upcoming events, that "there are so many moments people are going to freak, especially after event one, two, and three." What are these events????!! We have to watch and find out! Later that day at the Book to TV panel, Julie Plec discussed the common comparison to Twilight. She wanted to show to feel unique, making sure to put their own spin on it, which basically meant "we're going to do whatever we want!"

Be sure to watch Season Four starting Thursdays this September on CW! If you forgot what happened in the finale, watch the clip below!

'The Vampire Diaries' Q&A with Julie Plec, Arielle Kebbel, and Jose Molina
Saturday night we put on our best 50s attire to attend Rebels With a Cause, a 50s-themed sock hop and fashion show hosted by designer Eric Renteria. Swing music blared on the record player, creating an upbeat atmosphere at The Swan Dive in downtown Austin. The models looked gorgeous and the clothes were fantastic! Dancing followed, rounding out a perfect day!

Pompadours, bright lips, full skirts - fifties fun!

Final runway walk
As Sunday rolled around, we were dead tired, but thrilled with the thought of another day spent amongst some of TV's hottest celebrities. We had many celeb encounters throughout the day, all working up to the Actors Roundtable with Shiri Appleby, Scott Porter, Arielle Kebbel, and Matt Lauria.

The panel was first asked why they got into acting.
Scott: He used to be a professional beatboxer (to which is proceeded to beatbox!!!) in a band called Toxic Audio, which Arielle Kebbel admitted jamming to.
Arielle: "I fell into acting." Scott jabbed, "Oh, like you just fell off the stage?" Always quick with a witty response or joke, Scott was poking fun at Arielle, who had FALLEN off the stage moments before the panel began, chalking it up to her post-Bali jet lag. 
Matt: This Irish boy came into acting when he was forced to audition for a part in his school's play, Alice in Wonderland! Playing the part of the March Hare, he started dancing during Alice's song, catching the attention of the audience. The "upstaging" continued, escalating night after night. The audience's laughs and joy he felt only confirmed that acting was the right path.

Next, the actors were asked to recount audition horror stories.
Scott: He told us about his audition for a voiceover part playing a Disney prince, a role he had always dreamed of having. He believed he had nailed his audition, except for the fact that he told them his accent sucked. Later he found out he had completely missed the byline requiring that the auditioner have a British accent!
Arielle: She had to do 30 minutes of improv for her 'Dictator' audition, which ended with head banging. In the process, she tweaked her neck and had to shuffle out of the room!
Matt: He entertained us with a story about an audition for a "100% gay, punk rock" character. Always doing thorough research and preparation for his roles, he arrived to the audition donning a ridiculous outfit. Unbeknownst to him, they had taken out "100% gay" descriptor. The best part? Scott chuckling the entire time.

Both Matt and Scott mentioned what a "blessing" their experiences have been for them. It was so refreshing hearing them talk about their faith! It didn't help that they were also HILARIOUS. We could have heard them tell stories all day, but their time was up. After the panel, however, we got to chat and snap photos with them, making for the perfect ending to a fantastic weekend!

Be sure to check back TOMORROW for our individual accounts of the weekend!!!! Stripes covered screenings (and escorting!) and Dots covered panels!! See you then!

-Dots and Stripes

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