Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Lying Game, Take 2

While on set day one, we received emails asking us to return Monday for more shooting. We were game!!! We shot hallway scenes inside the Arroyo High School set. This happened to be one of our favorite shooting days! We even had an outfit change (dots and stripes for #2)! There was lots of yummy catering, pantomimed conversations and locker leaning. New addition to the show Ryan Rottman is definitely the sweetest on set! We were having a conversation about phones in school and he turned around and joined in, saying that he didn't have texting when he was in high school, saying he was "too old." Alexandra Chando was pretty sweet, too. She complimented an extra's braid, telling her, "it looks like something you would see on Pinterest!" Scroll through for some iPhone pics of our day on the set of The Lying Game!



Again, we were asked to come back the next day to shoot 'same-day scenes,' however this time they were filmed at a local middle school, posing as Arroyo HS. It was hot hot and we shot in the parking lot. While on breaks, we sat in the school's library and cheered on Team USA as we watched the Olympics. Such a fun day with our favorite extras! We treated ourselves to Starbucks and Jamba Juice after our long day of work and it was a sweet ending to an exciting day. Here's a few of our favorite moments from our last day of shooting...


Be sure to tune in to the new season... it's going to be good!

- Dots & Stripes

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