Friday, August 31, 2012

Orangutan: Making of a Music Video

Talk about a fun summer activity! We spent a week brainstorming, preparing, shooting, and editing a parody of Allstar Weekend's music video for "Orangutan." It was an absolute blast!!! Our shooting location proved to be embarrassing... and hilarious. Try rapping/dancing with an endless flow of cars, bicyclists, runners, swimmers, families, etc. who all stare. We had quite the audience! Shooting in skinny jeans and jackets also proved to be a challenge in the Texas heat! We even had to lie on the hot hot pavement to get the "perfect shot!" Overall, we are thrilled with end product! It greatly exceeded our (very low) expectations.
Basically the girl version of Zach Porter
Channeling Cameron Quiseng's style, which is the same as Dots' 

For the video, we took inspiration from a few of their videos, including "Not Your Birthday" and "Verses" episodes.

Above is Allstar Weekend's "Orangutan," the catalyst for our idea. Our video is live on YouTube and we posted it here for you to check out! We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it! :)

We still have our fingers crossed that the boys will see it!

- Dots & Stripes

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