Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cute Coincidence

We have been having ourselves a good time this past week! We met for an early dinner and when we saw each other we were both wearing nearly identical stripes!!! As if that weren't perfect enough, we met for frozen yogurt and were both wearing polka dot shorts. I guess we've been hanging out so much we've started unintentionally coordinating our clothing. ;)

We spent the day at Schlitterbaun with Stripes' family and had a blast!!! Ladies, any of you have a rating system for boys? Well, we played Paintings or Puppies: painting if there was a "hot" guy, puppy if the guy was "cute." Besides that, we avoided the water as much as possible, jammed to One Direction and enjoyed the sunshine!

We have quite the project in the works... here's a sneak peak! 

Happy Wednesday!

-Dots & Stripes

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