Sunday, December 9, 2012

Formula 1

Well, it happened. Circuit of the Americas opened for its inaugural race weekend Friday, November 16, 2012! Racing is something I can share with my dad (he's a car guy/big fan). I'm all he's got, so I'm pretty sure he's glad I get into it. IT WAS AWESOME! Friday and Saturday were qualifying races and other various events; Sunday was US Grand Prix! In case you're wondering, there's NASCAR (american hobby.. think Jeff Gordon), Indy 500 (Helio Castroneves drives these), and then there's Formula One. F1 is the most watched motorsport in the world and this is the first track in the United States... a great one at that!

We had a blast!! We attending qualifying Saturday and the big race Sunday as we watched Lewis Hamilton take home the win! To make things better, it was Daddy's birthday over the weekend! Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Leather and layers
Ladies, if the leather jackets, fast cars, and attractive international fans aren't enough to draw you to the sport, I suggest you take a look at the drivers...... I mean.......

Sebastian Vettel, German driver for Red Bull and Jenson Button, Mercedes Benz driver from Australia. And this is only the beginning.... :)

The races next year are November 15, 2013. You're welcome.


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