Monday, November 19, 2012

A Happy Ending

Thursday evening marked the end of yet another chapter (first Harry Potter...) of our childhood with the premiere of the final movie in the Twilight series. Breaking Dawn Part Two came out and we waited in line to see it, as usual (happily two hours early at 10:00 pm)! As in the past, we took the opportunity to dress up (one of our favorite things), though we were sad we were not together to see it. This college thing can really be a drag sometimes.... BUT, general consensus: we loved it! Especially the second half, with the thrilling fight and sweet closing.

My friends from school dressed up, too! Rosalie, Bella (as a vampire) and Emily (Sam's girl)
Loaded up with coffee and hot chocolate!
Thanks 94.1 for the free screening tickets.
Had a wonderful time dressed up as Alice at the Breaking Dawn screening.
Make sure to see it over Thanksgiving break if you haven't caught a showing yet!

-Dots and Stripes

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