Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Lying Game

Any fans of 'The Lying Game'? We recently got hired as extras to play partygoers at a pool party scene they shot overnight for episode two of TLG! Our call time was 5 pm and we arrived early at 4:15. There was a lot of waiting, but with catering close by, we were well taken care of! We met some really great people that helped pass the time!! Around 10:00 pm the extras were called to set. They assigned us "roles" and sent us to various parts of the pool room. We ran through rehearsals a few times before the actors came out, where we did more run-throughs. Then the cameras started rolling, take after take after take!!! They would cue the music then it would fade to nothing and we had to continue dancing and pretend talking.. harder than you would think! Around midnight we broke for "lunch" where we enjoyed some really yummy food! Props to catering. After eating we went back to shoot another scene.. and another! Production surprised Alexandra Chando and Blair Redford with cakes for their birthday (which they cut up for everyone after.. yay!). Anyone know if these two are dating off-screen? We noticed some chemistry. A few coffee and snack breaks later, our job was finished at 4:15 am. Here's a few shots we got throughout the evening!

outside of the pool room, on set
first stop: wardrobe!
whisked off to makeup!
craft services!
In line for "lunch" (at midnight) with Blair Redford
DELICIOUS! super fancy choices!
Andy Buckley (from The Office!)
Alice Greczyn & Christian Alexander

Be on the lookout in January for this episode... it's going to be a good one. There's arguing/grabbing/storming off between some main characters... tension!!! We had a blast and we can't wait to go back on Monday to shoot another scene!! Check back later for details of Monday's shoot!

partying all night... sleepy faces!

- Dots & Stripes

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